Advertisement Policy


Won't you want your company to be noticed and get so much enquires on daily basis leading to sales after sales with staggering growth in your company profit? Of course, this is what it's all about! Why advertise anyway? Simple! One to be recognized, identified, verified and authenticated. Second! It is about attracting attention to your company's products or services. Third! It is about more sales and profit for your company. It pays to advertise,even big companies like Microsoft, Coca Cola, McDonald, Boeing, and Google all advertise.

BuyerXpo offers spectacular tailor-made budget advertising services to help you reach more buyers and expand your sales beyond your wildest imagination.

BuyerXpo advertising campaign services include the following:

Banner advertisement: BuyerXpo offers various online banner
advertisements such as:

Skyscraper Banner:
Skyscraper banner put you in control online! Your products and services are available to millions of visitors a month instantly.

Featured company Banner:
Featured company banner is the economical way to go. Your products and services are on the priority among millions of companies.

Square Banner:
Square banner stand out and yet economic to the advertiser's budget.

Sponsored Texts or Links advertisements:
The economic way to today's advertisement campaign is "text or link ads". You reach your target customers for as low as $1 per day. Imagine being seen by over 100,000 potential customers a day for only $1? An awesome saving for a maximum exposure to your products and services!

Product Catalogs advertisement:
BuyerXpo understand the value of catalogs advertisement. Online catalogs allow easy and quick access to your products or services. It is easy and convenient while time saving. BuyerXpo offers various products catalogs advertisement to make your business life even more comfortable.

Products Gallery:
You can easily create an online album of all your company products and services at your own convenient anytime any place.

Featured Product Catalog:
Featured company catalog is the economical way to go. Your products and services are on the priority among millions of companies.


Standard Banner

Banner advertisement is like the sun in the sky with its ray reaching every corner of the world. Imagine your company products and services reaching every corner of the world nights or days, all year round. Such is what advertisement with BuyerXpo does for your company and its products.

BuyerXpo offers Banners advertisements according to advertiser's budget and requirement as follow:

Why Standard Banner advertisement?

Eye catching and yet irresistible to visitors and members .
Banner size: 468x60 pixels

Where can I place my Standard Banner advertisement?

 Anywhere on BuyerXpo page according to your needs and demands. I strongly recommend sellers to place their advertisements directly in the categories of the products they sell. Example: I would recommend a juice exporter/manufacturer to place their Standard Banner advertisement under the category "beverages".


Banner Link Services of

The client organization can place a banner at any page of for a certain period. The banner can be linked with the corporate web site of the client organization or any other web page developed by the client or -

Following are the alternative placement options for banner -

Banner Link Options with Dimension

  1. Root Banner (View in Every Page) : Dimension 900 X 131 pixels
  2. Home Top Banner 1 : Dimension 900 X 131 pixels
  3. Home Top Banner2 : Dimension 750 X 131 pixels, Price
  4. Home Small Banner : Dimension 120 X 65 pixels
  5. Home Large Banner : Dimension 214 X 400 pixels
  6. Inner Page Banner : Dimension 214 X 400 pixels
  7. Inner Page Banner : Client Choice