A Trial software  use  permanently  without any serial key

A Trial software use permanently without any serial key

Sometimes we use some software as trial version for 30 days or a week. After  end of the trial date, there is needed to serial key or needed to  uninstall the software. Many times both of these two methods don't work.

Now I can show you how to make Trial software turn into permanent in your computer.

Actually, those Trial software which we use in our PC that software countdown the date from our PC. If we can make  fixed the software date then  there will not be needed to uninstall the software anymore.

To fix the problem there is needed to follow the instruction carefully but very easy.

  • At first down load the 2 MB size software  Direct download   
  • After installing the software , open from the   C:\Program Files (x86)\Cracklock
  • After opening the Open Cracklock ,  Click on Add Program

Then a pop up box will show like   C:\Program Files (x86) . From this pop up page your desired software file have to select and open with double click. Then select the  software and click on the Open button.

  •  Then a Configuration Box will open > in this box , just you have to give a Tick on “Freeze date and time”  Button .
  • Click on the > Injection mode. Then click > Ok.

From then , your Trial version software will be fixed   permanently. 

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