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Brief summary of

 Brief summary of B2B E-commerce is being talked about everywhere. And it is not just jargon, it is the next level in the E business revolution. When businesses collaborate with business partners in real time and put management of all their processes online. From supple chain and purchasing to manufacturing and product development, for increase control, rapid response improves in efficiency, global intelligence, and unprecedented cost savings. B2B E-commerce is a revolution. Similar in magnitude to the industrial revolution, that will fundamentally change relationships among business partners. How they exchange information, collaborate, communicate, and close transactions. BuyerXpo USA Inc. is a company having buyers, sellers matchmaking. Trade alert services online product and services selling. e-business site through the operation and maintaining a worldwide C2C portal named as With all IT facilities, introduced into the worldwide  online marketing system launched from the united states, having back up logistic and infrastructural  support in Bangladesh . As this site will be maintained through a remote control system from a least cost logistic and infrastructural back up support so that cost of product and services will be much lower and competitive. This is one of the unique services we can offer to market/ consumer. Ultimate vision is to make this project as a world portal of peoples choice. Providing cheapest a high quality product and services. As internet business based upon advertisement and online ad becomes the key process of success and product service based business, so countries like Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and Brazil still lack sources, to sell their products and services to the developed countries like USA, Canada etc. As the developing country looking for international buyer, but waiting, waiting and waiting and finally frustrated for not getting buyer, If we can focus via advertisement or propaganda to those developed countries, to help out to get the interested buyer through our matchmaking trade alert. At the same time we can let buyers know the sources of the cheapest but quality product suppliers. Obviously it would be money making generator for all of the users. Because there are many  small and large scale buyers who don’t know where they can find least cost but quality product or service. The same way many suppliers don’t know where their potential buyers are. provides a platform for importers, exporters, manufacturers, traders, service providers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and governmental agencies find trade opportunities and promote their products and services online. Means helped to find buyers for international seller.

As well helps to find a seller for international buyers through matchmaking trade alert service. A Buyerxpo database of both buyers and suppliers continues to grow on a daily basis of 150 new members  from over 200 countries and terror ties worldwide. Buyerxpo have a qualified and well experiences management team with an up to date knowledge of the industry, of over 20 years of experience in the import and export related business. We know exactly the needs of buyers and suppliers worldwide. The Buyerxpo website allows users to post and browse company information and trade related  information in more than 60 categories and over 1000 product sub categories. The Buyerxpo’s vision is to globalize the world business under one group or platform so that each and every business of each town, city, state, Country and continent can be registered or listed on 


How Bangladesh will be benefitted? From the feelings of heart of hearts, this was the long time past due dream  of the owner of, that we shall have to do something to explore the export business of third world country like Bangladesh. Well specially southeast Asian country like Bangladesh has huge lack go buying sources in an American outlet. From an American market place, sourcing of buyers is easier than anywhere else in the world, so we make this open venue world portal for world buyers and sellers. Though this website is open for the world, but we believe the greater Asian countries, specially Bangladesh, India, China seller will get huge facility from this unique site as because it has a countries’ office situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh which is operated USA. Bangladesh has more than 1200 registered buying house and a big amount of people directly and indirectly involved with SME and RMG sector. So it will be a great help for them to search and as well as contact with international and national buyer from Buyerxpo will play an important role for the developed third world country like Bangladesh. is the exclusive modern online buying, selling directory of product and services with digital storage facilities. Buyerxpo will help Bangladeshi manufactures, sellers, supplies, distribute and buyers as a whole in many ways. 1) They can find their desired buyers' contact information through buyerxpo database of more than 50 thousand. 2) They can sell and buy their product directly with their own control panel in buyerxpo or contact with the buyers directly through trade alert services 3) live negotiation with buyers through trade show feature. 4) The buyer can seller information through this website too. Another important function is auctioned through which government and private sector, both would be benefitted. Please visit, your world unique online shopping store. You can find many  things  you want from this site. Our seller makes less profit, so you don’t pay

much. Buy More, Spend less. 


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