Solution of  Computer Restart again and again.

Solution of Computer Restart again and again.

Hello friends , Hope you are well. Sometimes our computer takes restart again and again. Really it is very disgusting matter. There are some cause for Restart of PC. 
# More temperature of RAM .

Hard Disk


# Operating system 

# Hardware, software games and various kind of virus.

If Operating system shows problem then there can be system crash of PC. The problem of operating system  of windows operating system , there can be PC restart again and again. To solve the problem. Follow the instruction below:

 Go to My computer Then

Click Right Button on My computer > click Properties > Click  Advanced system settings >  Click <settings>  of Startup and Recovery > Go to System failure and Tick Out from Write an event to the system log and Automatically restart > Then click Ok.

PC can be Restart again and again for virus . So Update antivirus should have in the PC.

Anotherting , if RAM becomes loose then You should put off the RAM then Brush the RAM and Install tightly . Hope the problem will be solved.  

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