Centrifugal oil separator purifier

Centrifugal oil separator purifier

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ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000
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06 August 2013
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• Centrifugal separators, using principle of different density of oil, water, solid (light, heavy phases) getting different velocity, separate the insoluble liquids or solid particles.
• It applies in fuel treatment, lube oil treatment, marine, power stations, Oilfield industry
• When separator operation is no longer feasible due to high proportions of solids in the suspension to be processed, decanters are used. Decanters are horizontal, solids-oriented, solid-wall scroll centrifuges.
• In solid-based applications, our centrifugal decanters ensure optimum separation efficiency. It can be used for food, beverage, wastewater treatment industrials.
• This nozzle separator is a 3-phase machine for continuous discharge of palm oil, water and suspended matters. It can work continuously to separate palm oil sludge.
• This palm oil containing sludge is fed into the machine and is separated in the disk stack. Solids are discharged through nozzles. The clarified liquids are pressure-discharged via centripetal pumps.
• The self-cleaning bowl makes the machine suitable for fully automatic cleaning-inplace (CIP). The frame is made of cast iron. All parts coming into contact with the product and ejected solids are made stainless steel.

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