Filtration Cleaning Of Waste Hydraulic Oil

Filtration Cleaning Of Waste Hydraulic Oil

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15 August 2017
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The VHF Hydraulic Oil Filtration Cleaning Machine produced by Acorefiltration company is special for purifying low viscosity lubricant oils .It is widely used in cleaning treatment of compressor hydraulic oil, aviation hydraulic oil etc. As water, gas, metal particles and other contaminants dissolved in oil, the quality of hydraulic lube oil becomes very poor. Meanwhile, air mixed with water and dust dissolved in oil will accelerate oil oxidation. VHF Hydraulic Oil Filtration Cleaning Machine can effectively and quickly remove impurities, free carbon, gas, metal impurities, acid value, gum and other contaminants. After filtration, hydraulic oil can achieve high grade cleanness and long life time

Hydraulic Oil Cleanness and purifying is very important for lubrication system, it has the functions of lubrication, anti-rust, cleaning, cooling and sealing. During working of hydraulic system, contaminants of hydraulic oil can wear components of hydraulic system, block fuel injectors, and result in insufficient oil supply, valve latch, sealing performance degradation and other mechanical failures. In failure rate of the hydraulic system, the most failure is caused by contaminants of hydraulic oil, and it is a serious threat to safety of hydraulic equipment. Therefore, maintaining the cleanness of hydraulic oil is very important. VHF Hydraulic Oil Filtration Cleaning Machine separates the contaminants from oil and make oil achieve NAS 6 grade cleanness level.

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