Mobile Trailer Transformer Oil Filtration System

Mobile Trailer Transformer Oil Filtration System

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18 November 2016
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MTP Mobile trailer type Transformer Oil Filtration System is special designed for onsite purification of transformer insulating oil at outside. it adopts double stages vacuum source, double stages vacuum dehydration and degasification vessels, three stages precise filtration system, which can separate moisture, gas, particles and other harmful ingredients from oil much quickly and effectively to ensure the dry-level and dielectric strength improving greatly. The Mobile trailer type Transformer Oil Filtration System can ensure 80km/h speed. Meanwhile, it can be used for online oil treatment for transformers and vacuum drying and oil-pumping for electrical equipment. MTP Mobile Trailer type Transformer Oil Filtration System is a deal machine for fieldwork, it is also applied to the above 110KV EHV transmission and distribution equipment, capacitor oil, cable oil, mutual inductor oil etc.

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