Thermojet Turbine Oil Purifier

Thermojet Turbine Oil Purifier

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08 January 2017
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Turbine oil is usually use in gas turbines, and other applications requiring supreme quality turbine oil. Turbine oil cleanliness continues to cause concern because to have optimum performance the oil has to be significantly clean. The current inventions of Thermojet Turbine Oil Purifier are widely categorized under different types of filtration methods depending on its objectives or applications. The existence of iron components in industrial turbine oil makes magnetic filter is the effective tools for capturing as well as recycling of small sized magnetic particles. Turbine oil correction can be quite exhaustive and detailed in nature.

Series TOP Thermojet Turbine Oil Purifier is special designed for turbine oil, lubricating oil and cooling oil to removing a large amount of moisture and impurity. Such as power plants, power station steam turbine in the process of running, moisture, dust and impurities will be mixed in the turbine oil, will accelerate the oxidation of oil, and changed with foam, fouling and oil sludge, cause the oil emulsified serious, and lead to oil-water separation more difficult, reduce the oil performance of lubrication, speed, cooling etc. Meanwhile caused the metal parts of turbine steam to corrosion, bad for the safe operation of steam turbine. So TOP Thermojet Turbine Oil Purifier is a special maintenance equipment for power plant and power station.

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