Used Hydraulic Oil Recycling Filter Machine

Used Hydraulic Oil Recycling Filter Machine

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29 June 2016
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Hydraulic oil is used in industrial machinery and equipment to reduce friction and protects machines, during working of industrial equipment, it will produce many metal impurities, meanwhile the moisture and dust in the air will be dissolved in hydraulic oil, so we should use hydraulic oil purifier to remove water and impurities.

We design and manufacturing LVP series Hydraulic Oil Recycling Filter Machine, it adopts coalescing technology, combines vacuum system and precise filter elements, which can completely separate the water and impurities from hydraulic oil. LVP Hydraulic Oil Recycling Filter Machine is very good machine for keep industrial hydraulic equipment working well.


1. LVP Hydraulic Oil Recycling Filter Machine equips internal protection system, which ensure safe working.

2. Separating 900 percent impurities less than 1 micron and achieving NAS 6 grade cleanness.

3. Saving maintenance and production cost, increasing the working efficiency.

4. Hydraulic oil after purification by LVP Hydraulic Oil Recycling Filter Machine can extend the life of your hydraulic components.


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