Vacuum Transformer Oil Regeneration Purifier

Vacuum Transformer Oil Regeneration Purifier

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ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000
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21 January 2011
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Product Description

VFD-R series is adapt to regenerate and activate the deteriorated transformer oil.
It is capable of removing the moisture, gas and mechanical impurities as well as eliminating organic acid, sludges, pitches and dissociated carbon in the deteriorated transformer oil which are difficult to be removed by conventional oil purifier plants. After the treatment, the regenerated oil can met the required standard and life span of new insulation oil.
1. VFD-R regeneration units adopt both physical and chemical methods. They can not only regenerate the aging transformer oil, switch oil but remove the acid, suspending materials and contaminates.
2. VFD-R regeneration units adopt special adsorbent. They can be normally run without switching off the power and changing the oil of transformer.
3. After the treatment, the transformer oil will maintain basic ingredients and anti-oxidation capacity to meet the standard of new transformer oil. Meanwhile, the CFD-R regeneration units can keep the power equipments insulating and safe by consuming only 90% maintenance cost.
Technical specification
After the treatment, performance of transformer oil can achieve the below specification:
Breakdown voltage ≥ 75KV
Flash point(close) ≥ 140℃
Soluble acid PH value =5~7
Dielectric loss tangent tg(90℃)% ≤ 0.002
Acid value ≤ 0.01mgK0H/g
Power: 380V/50Hz

Contact: Evelyn Chen
Sino-NSH Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd
Tel: +86 23 67751318
Fax: +86 23 67725653

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