Waste Cooking Oil Recycling Filter Machine

Waste Cooking Oil Recycling Filter Machine

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23 July 2016
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We offer the durable and economically priced Cooking Oil Recycling Filter Machine in the business, it is the perfect compliment for any food service and industrial usage operation. The Cooking Oil Recycling Filter Machine can save your time and money and radically improves the quality of your food by removing water, impurities, odor, acidity, color etc. Our Cooking Oil Recycling Filter Machine realizes high automatic operation, convenience, reliable and safety.

1. Stainless steel materials with anti-corrosive functions.
2. Cooking Oil Recycling Filter Machine can improve quality of used oil and reach cleanness level of new oil.
3. Purified cooking oil can be used for food service and biodiesel production.
4. Cooking Oil Recycling Filter Machine reduce moisture, FFA, gas and particles.

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