XF Piatnik Austria ??????? ?????? ????????? ????? 36 ?????? Paper Playing Cards With Invisible Painting For UV Lenses And Poker Predictor

XF Piatnik Austria ??????? ?????? ????????? ????? 36 ?????? Paper Playing Cards With Invisible Painting For UV Lenses And Poker Predictor

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ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000
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Kazakhstan ($1), Russian Federation ($1), Austria ($1), Armenia ($1)
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1-3 working times
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28 October 2016
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Piatnik Austria ??????? ?????? ????????? ????? 36 ?????? Paper Playing Cards With Invisible Painting For UV Lenses And Poker Predictor

??????? ?????? ????????? ????? 36 ?????? paper playing cards are made in Austria, they are very popular to be played in Kazakhstan or Russia, while they just have 36 pieces of playing cards in one whole deck.

What’s more, we can paint invisible ink markings on the backside of them, so that you can wear the UV invisible lenses to see the markings and know what the cards in your competitors’ hands.

We also mark them with invisible bar-codes on the sides, so that they can be scanned by infrared camera or HD camera, and will be analyzed and speak to you who is winner by poker analyzers.

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